My Vision for San Marcos


I have placed the utmost importance on impacts to current citizens and existing businesses with every vote I cast, placing “you”, local residents, ahead of out-of-town interests. I have worked diligently to ensure our new Master Plan was directly mirrored during the re-write of our land development code: CODE SMTX. This monumental effort prevents San Marcos from becoming just another bedroom community along the corridor and prepares us for the inevitable growth we will continue to see. Our new code protects neighborhoods, which are the backbone of our city and the heart of our community. It also has strict environmental regulations that seek not only to protect our environment but also to protect our neighborhoods from increased flooding due to poorly placed and/or poorly regulated developments. Most importantly, it supports the vision of the citizens of San Marcos.

My votes have focused on preserving our river and natural resources, protecting our neighborhood integrity and historic downtown, while at the same time promoting the responsible management of the city overall. I must weigh the city’s budget capacity against our needs and wants and make fiscally sound decisions to create the most benefit for all. I must ensure that economic development packages create a win for us, oversee the distribution of our annual Community Development Block Grants, rank our Capital Improvement Projects, and support sound contracts between the city and those we do business with.

I have pushed hard to bring decent paying jobs to San Marcos while maintaining strict fiscal responsibility. I supported our new economic development policy that only incentives jobs that pay at least $15 per hour and offer health benefits. I have supported all efforts to improve the quality of life for our citizens at every opportunity, whether it be housing that is more affordable, measures to mitigate flooding conditions, or simply listening to citizens and addressing their needs.


Endorsed by San Marcos Fire Fighters and Hays County Women's Political Caucus

Paid for by Melissa Derrick Campaign, Blanca Loya, Treasurer, 605 Conway Drive, San Marcos, TX 78666