Support of Community Endeavors


Many of the relationships I’ve developed these past few years are with citizens who I count on as a voice and representation of the needs we have based on the challenges we are faced with. Their varied perspectives have provided a clear path for the steps and processes we must take to ensure the direction of the council supports and accurately reflects the the vision of the San Marcos community.

I’ve been blessed to work with many community members and groups towards shared goals. These issues have become my passions, and it would be my sincere honor to continue to support the efforts of The Early Childhood Coalition of Hays County, Hays County Animal Advocates, San Marcos Commission on Youth and Children and Community Action. I’ll continue to support ADA accessibility, social services, and represent the unique needs of our neighborhoods, the Downtown Business Association, and many other groups that need our attention.

I serve on council committees that are currently making unprecedented strides in fair housing. These initiatives are long overdue and include housing for our workforce, which serves as the backbone of our community, a student housing ordinance which protects against exploitation, and rental registration which will ensure the safety, health and welfare of the roughly 70% of our population who rent in San Marcos.

I have listened to you and have been your voice when I:

Endorsed by San Marcos Fire Fighters and Hays County Women's Political Caucus


Paid for by Melissa Derrick Campaign, Blanca Loya, Treasurer, 605 Conway Drive, San Marcos, TX 78666